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Since 1974, Edward Overbay has been recognized as a premier artisan woodworker on the north Oregon coast. He brings to the art of woodcraft a tradition of imaginative design, exquisite craftsmanship, and passion for the creative process. Ed and his staff of highly skilled craftsmen at Overbay Houseworks work in a world of inseparable function and artistry. With the support of a uniquely capable woodworking facility, along with the collective background of a talented crew knowledgeable in design, furniture, cabinetmaking, and construction, Overbay Houseworks can move easily from building a single piece of furniture to a large project.

With an accomplished artisan's perspective working with architects, designers, builders, and homeowners for over 37 years, Ed has a unique ability to bring solid solutions that have style and grace.

Take the first step to realizing your dreams- call for an appointment. You'll find an attentive ear for your questions, a skilled eye for design, and an expert hand for transforming your dreams into reality.

Discover what inspiration, imagination, and know-how can do for you!


Everything we build is a reflection of our craftsmanship, our stewardship, our very integrity. I love all the woods of this world and feel that when we, as craftsmen, are tasked with transforming wood into a thing of utility and beauty, it is incumbent upon us that this resource be treated with absolute respect, so that its second life might be as beneficial as possible.

Inspired, resolved design merged with artful craftsmanship assures that a work will not only endure, but continue to appeal and remain vital long after we are gone. I believe that when wood is worked with care, with respect, with judicious intent, it is the sustainable way to utilize this marvelous resource.

I endeavor to build in a way that embraces this philosophy in every respect.  I believe that our work should be a virtual statement of sustainability, good stewardship, and of respect of the planet. This is my “eco” logic.

Edward C. Overbay  (ECO)

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